v.LOGIC 4 Camera Interface for Porsche PCM 4.0

Interface Part No.: V6-MIB

Vehicle Applications

Vehicle Navigation System

PCM 4.0



-      Perfect Integration to Original Equipment

-      Plug & Play Installation

-      Rear-view camera input

-      Automatic switching to rear-view camera input on engagement of reverse gear from all operation modes

-      Front camera input

-      Side camera inputs

-      Side- or front camera activation via indicator signal

-      Manual switching to cameras

-      Picture-in-picture mode combining after-market rear-view and front camera picture(s) with factory parking sensor graphics

-      Interactive lane lines with calibration function

-      Simultaneous use of picture-in-picture factory parking sensor graphics and interactive lane lines

-      Own on-screen display and setup

-      Controls of AV sources (e.g. DVB-T Tuner etc.) by MIB system

-      2 trigger outputs (+12V max. 1A), separately adjustable switching events (CAN, ACC, camera, reverse gear)

-      Compatible with all factory video accessories

-      USB update-port for software-updates by consumer