USB – Integration to factory head units

This smart interface solution enables you to integrate a USB audio device with your factory head unit.


 - Perfect Integration to Original Equipment

 - Control the USB Device / MP3 Player from the factory head unit

 - Control the USB Device / MP3 Player from the factory steering wheel controls

 - Albums or Playlists can be set up as folders which can then be controlled directly from the factory head unit

 - USB Device / MP3 Player remains active so tracks can still be selected directly from it

 - Plays automatically when powered up / Pauses automatically when switched off

 - Interface has built in SD Card Slot

 - Interface supports SD and Large Capacity SDHC Cards

 - WMA / MP3 File Support

 - 3.5mm Auxiliary connection

 - Includes 3.5mm Audio Cable

 - Includes USB Extension Cable

 - Direct connection via the factory CD Changer port

 - Plug & Play Installation

Available for the following vehicles (Select model to see full details):

Audi / BMW / Citroen / Fiat / Ford / Honda / Mini / Mazda / Nissan / Peugeot / Renault / Seat / Skoda / Suzuki / Toyota / Volkswagen