RGB Reverse Camera Interface for Audi Navigation Plus (RNS-E)

Interface Part No.: RGB-VG1

Vehicle Applications

- Following Audi models with Navigation Plus (RNS-E):

Please Note: The RNS-E Navigation system is branded “Audi Navigation Plus” but is identifiable by the 2 x SD Card slots behind the fold down monitor

Vehicle Series Year Navigation System
A3 8P 2003 > 2010 Navigation Plus (RNS-E)
A4 8E 2004 > 2008 Navigation Plus (RNS-E)
A6 4B 2001 > 2005 Navigation Plus (RNS-E)
TT 8J 2006 > 2010 Navigation Plus (RNS-E)


- Perfect Integration to Original Equipment

- Dedicated Auto switching Reverse Camera Input*

- Only compatible with NTSC format cameras

- 12-Month Warranty

- Plug & Play Installation


Factory TV tuner Must NOT be installed

Only compatible with NTSC format cameras

* Additionally the head-unit must be coded for reverse camera (Only possible on RNS-E with minimum software 550 and till year 2010).