Reverse Camera Interface for Audi MMI 3G/3G+ basic/high & VW RNS850 Navi with 4-Pin HSD LVDS connector

Interface Part No.: VL2-MMI3G

Vehicle Applications

- Following Audi & VW models with MMI 3G/3G+ (Basic/High) and VW RNS850 radio/navigation with Monitor with 4-Pin HSD LVDS connector on the monitor.

Vehicle Series Year System
A4 8K MMI 3G/3G + (Basic/High) +4-Pin HSD
A5 8T MMI 3G/3G + (Basic/High) +4-Pin HSD
A6 4F/4G MMI 3G/3G + (Basic/High) +4-Pin HSD
A7 4G MMI 3G/3G + (Basic/High) +4-Pin HSD
A8 4E/4H MMI 3G/3G + (Basic/High) +4-Pin HSD
Q5 8R MMI 3G/3G + (Basic/High) +4-Pin HSD
Q7 4L MMI 3G/3G + (Basic/High) +4-Pin HSD
Touareg 2011 > ON RNS850 + 4-Pin HSD Connection


- Dedicated Auto switching Reverse Camera Input

- Activitable parking guide lines for reverse camera

- No Coding Required

- 12-Month Warranty