r.LiNK Reverse Camera Interface for VW Models with MIB STD2 PQ/+NAV

Interface Part No.: RL3-MIB2

VW Models with the following systems:

1x SD slot vertical left or 2x SD slots vertical left + right and disc drive above 6.33” monitor

Vehicle Applications

Vehicle Series Year Navigation System
Amarok   2017 > ON Composition Media (MIB)Composition Media (MIB STD2)

Discover Media (MIB STD2)


Beetle 5C 2015 > ON
Caddy 2K 2016 > ON
Multivan T6 2015 > ON
Scirocco3 13 2016 > ON
Sharan 7N 2016 > ON


  • Composite Reverse Camera video-input
  • Plug & Play CAN-Bus Interface


  • To display the camera image on the factory monitor the vehicle need to be coded by VCDS or VAG Diagnistic tool.
  • Vehicle must have factory OPS (Optical Park System)
  • Only compatible with NTSC format cameras

NOT compatible to Composition Media with following part numbers, as a full coding of the head-unit is not possible on these (Use RL3-MIB4 instead):


3Q0035819, 3Q0035819A, 3Q0035819B, 3Q0035819C

3Q0035820, 3Q0035820A, 3Q0035820B, 3Q0035820C


5G0035819, 5G0035819A, 5G0035819B, 5G0035819C

5G0035820, 5G0035820A, 5G0035820B, 5G0035820C

The letter at the end is merely the software version of the head-unit,

newer versions are likely to not be compatible as well!

Only the last 6 digits/numbers are relevant.

The part number of the head-unit can be displayed on the monitor:

Menu button->Setup->System-Information->part number device