r.LiNK Interface for VW models with MIB / MIB2 / MIB STD 2 PQ/+NAV

Interface Part No.: RL3-MIB2

Vehicle Applications

This interface is ONLY compatible with the following models where the factory OPS (Optical Parking System) is present.

Models without OPS are not compatible as they don’t have the ability to be programmed for the reverse camera function.

Vehicle Series Year Factory System
Amarok 2017 > ON


Composition Media* (6.5” Monitor)

Discover Media (6.5” Monitor)

Discover Pro (8” Monitor)


Composition Media (6.33” Monitor)

Discover Media (6.33” Monitor)

Arteon 3H 2018 > ON
Beetle 5C 2015 > ON
Caddy 2K 2016 > ON
Crafter SZ/SY 2017 > ON
Golf 7 2012 > ON
Golf 7 Sportsvan 2014 > ON
Multivan T6 2015 > ON
Passat B8 2016 > ON
Polo 5 6C 2014 > 2017
Polo 6 AW1 2018 > ON
Scirocco3 2016 > ON
Sharan 7N 2016 > ON
Tiguan 2 AD1 2016 > ON
Touran 5T 2016 > ON
T-Roc A11 2018 > ON


-      Rear-view camera input

-      Automatic switching to rear-view camera input (additional head unit coding required)

-      Plug & Play Harness with CAN-Bus interface

-      Interface provides camera power supply


To display the camera image on the factory monitor the vehicle needs to be coded for reverse camera using VCDS  / VAG COM or equivalent

Only compatible with NTSC format cameras

Vehicle must have factory OPS

* NOT compatible to Composition Media with the following part numbers, as a full coding of the head-unit is not possible on these units:


3Q0035819, 3Q0035819A, 3Q0035819B, 3Q0035819C

3Q0035820, 3Q0035820A, 3Q0035820B, 3Q0035820C


5G0035819, 5G0035819A, 5G0035819B, 5G0035819C

5G0035820, 5G0035820A, 5G0035820B, 5G0035820C

Only the last 6 digits/numbers are relevant.

The letter at the end is merely the software version of the head-unit,

newer versions are likely to not be compatible as well!

The part number of the head-unit can be displayed on the monitor:

Menu button->Setup->System-Information->part number device