iPod / iPhone Harness – Docking Connector to RCA Output

Interface Part No.: POD-RCA    

Universal harness that enables you to connect your iPod / iPhone to any device with an RCA Audio Input. This cable takes the audio from the low voltage source at the bottom of the iPod (Not the from the head phone socket which is an amplified output) giving your factory radio a clean non amplified audio stream that can then be amplified by your radio giving you a much better sound quality. Also charges iPod / iPhone battery whilst connected – both older 12V and newer 5V versions.


 - Perfect Integration to Original Equipment

 - Compatible with all iPod/iPhone models with a dock connector including the very latest generations

 - Charges the iPod/iPhone battery whilst connected (Both 12V & 5V Versions)

 - Digital Clear Sound Quality

 - 4 Foot Long Cable

 - Simple Installation

 - 24-Month Warranty