dvbLOGIC Interface – 2nd Generation with USB – For Porsche PCM2.1



Interface Part No.: DVB2-PR

Vehicle Applications

- Following Porsche models with PCM2.1 System:

Please Note: This interface is NOT compatible with models fitted with the factory TV Tuner – although this can be removed to enable connection of this interface.

Vehicle Series Year Navigation System
Cayenne E1 PCM 2.1


• Full plug & play vehicle-specific dual DVB-T Tuner + USB-AV-Player

• DVB-T-Tuner MPEG2 & MPEG4 compatible (HD)

• USB-AV-Player for USB-media (audio, video, photo) up to 2TB (FAT32 and NTFS)

• Support of all common Audio & Video formats (e.g MKV, MOV, MPEG-1/2/4, H.264)

• USB-AV-Player with last position memory for Audio and Video playback

• 2 x Active DVB-T glass-mount antennas and USB extension with installation socket

• Integrated into and controllable by vehicle infotainment

• AV-input with IR-control channel

• Control of after-market devices, e.g. DVD-player, DAB etc.

• After-market reverse camera input

• Automatic switching to reverse camera input (for switching from OEM modes programming of the PCM2.1 is necessary)

• Reverse camera power (+12V max. 1A)

• Rear-seat-entertainment AV-output for AV-sources connected to the dvbLOGiC

• Includes remote control for full DVB-tuner functions/rear-seat-entertainment

• Power on remote out trigger signal (+12V max. 1A) to switch on connected devices

• Video-in-Motion


Automatic switching from OEM modes to reverse camera only works after programming the PCM2.1 unit.